Salt Lake Pickin’

We’re like American Pickers, except we don’t sell the things we find for ridiculously obscene amounts! Instead we rent them out to you lovely people for ridiculously reasonable rates haha! Anyways, this last weekend we went up to Salt Lake City for a wedding/picking trip. By we I mean me, my sister Shannon, and my amazing husband! Shannon won’t ever let me take a picture of her so here is Spence and I excited for our road trip!

Photo by me & my amazing Instagram skills

So we got into Salt Lake late Friday night and immediately split up. Spence went and stayed with his parents so he could search the city for vintage treasures and my sister and I headed to a hotel to get ready for Saturday’s wedding.

Saturday morning we all got up and got busy! The wedding on Saturday was absolutely gorgeous with the ceremony at the Salt Lake Temple and the reception in Heber. I mean just look at this photo, I’m pretty sure it speaks for itself!

Photo by Shannon Kaeding Photography

Obviously the temple was gorgeous but if you have ever been to Heber you would know that it is equally gorgeous! We took pictures all over the valley but there was one spot in particular I just loved, the railroad tracks! The bride and groom used our vintage suitcases in their photo shoot and it fit so perfectly with those tracks. What we didn’t know though, was an actual train still uses those tracks lol. So here we are taking pics and all of a sudden we hear CHOO CHOO! We all take off running trying to grab suitcases, camera bags, the bride’s train, etc and here comes this train barreling down the tracks. Well we got out of the way in time and there was just enough time for me to snap a pic of the happy couple in front of the train as it passed by.

Another amazing Instagram photo by me 🙂

Isn’t that just something else?! It seriously looks like they are from the 1930’s and they’re about to hop on the train and go cross country for their honeymoon! Seriously, I cannot believe how lucky we got to be able to get this shot. So cool and I cannot wait to see the rest of the professional photos! Congrats Taylor & Cody!

While Shannon and I were dodging trains, Spencer and his dad were busy filling the trailer with awesome vintage chairs, couches, an old vanity and some church pews! Yep, that’s right, church pews! You know you want to rent them 🙂 I can’t wait to get these babies stained and ready for their inventory photo shoot. Oh and when I say Spencer and his dad were busy, I mean it! Just look how full they packed the truck and trailer…


Yeah, the truck is so full that we even had to put our suitcases on the trailer so that we would have room to sit inside. We’re crazy, I know 🙂 Make sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with our adventures and check out our website to see all of our inventory as we update the pictures. We have lots of inventory that we haven’t put up yet so if you’re looking for something specific, contact us! Hope you all enjoyed reading about our trip as much as we enjoyed taking it!


Natalie ~ Swoon {Vintage Rental Co.}

We are open for business!

Ok so we have been open for a while now but I have been so busy that I haven’t gotten to the blog yet! Procrastination much? Well, even if it is a few weeks late I am still so excited to announce the launch of Swoon {Vintage Rental Co.}! This whole process has been the most amazing journey and I just can’t get over how much fun I am having. This business has been my dream for so long and now that my own wedding is over and done with I can begin to help brides with their own special day! Oh and don’t forgot photographers and planners, I love helping you guys out as well 🙂 I am so glad to have had so much support from everyone so far and I am ecstatic that you all are as excited for Swoon {Vintage Rental Co.} as we are. It’s definitely time for St. George to have some vintage flair added to it’s events! We’re bringing the style, the know-how, and the flair like no one else can! And of course in honor of our grand opening, we have some exciting news coming soon. I’ll give you all some hints…

1. Somebody very lucky is going to have their wedding, event or photo shoot packed chock full of Swoon-worthy goodies 🙂 Oh yeah, I feel a contest coming on!

2. Our web presence is going to get a lot stronger in the next few days, ok I’m just gonna flat out tell you cause I am so dang excited! Our website is going live in less than 24 hours! Oh heck yeah!

3. We have some very pretty and vintage filled events and photo shoots coming up so make sure to check in to get your daily dose of hand-picked, chippy goodness!

Well that’s all for now but since pictures make everything a thousand times better, here is a photo of one of my favorite guys…

Photo by Shannon Kaeding Photography

This handsome guy is Winston. You can read about this stately fellow on our website here. And make sure to check our Facebook page to keep up to date with our newest finds!


Natalie ~ Swoon {Vintage Rental Co.}